In my experience, the two most important parts of any bicycle are the frame and the wheels. If either of these are unsuitable for you or your usage, you will not have a good experience.

Sadly, custom bicycle frames, despite their many virtues, are priced above what most cyclists can sensibly spend. But custom, hand built wheels are within reach of almost any serious recreational cyclist, and, when properly speced and built, they will outperform the machine built wheels that come with most production line bicycles or the wheels sold at bike shops and on the internet.

What do I mean by "outperform"? I mean that a pair of hand built wheels built with you and your usage in mind will have a longer, more trouble-free service life. They will remain "true" and free of wobbles and they will not suffer from breaking spokes. They will be built to meet your needs, not just to look good in a magazine advertisement.

Now, what about those zoomy looking aerodynamic "race wheels" seen in the magazines, in the bike shops and on the internet? Well, if you are a serious, high level bicycle racer, some models of such wheels may have some merit, especially if you ride competitively and at average speeds of well over 20 MPH, where the aero advantages of deep profile rims and very few spokes can come into play. It will also help if you have a "sponsor" to buy those wheels, and their replacements, for you since most such wheels are expensive and tend to have a short service life. For the rest of us mere mortals and recreational riders, the disadvantages of high cost, high maintenance and short service life just don't make sense. Wouldn't you rather just get on your bike and go ride rather than worry about your wheels letting you down somewhere on the road?

The sensible alternative is to have a pair of wheels hand built to your needs and your intended use. Wheels that come with a lifetime guarantee against going "out of true' and against broken spokes.

I have built literally hundreds of wheels spanning over a period of 22 years. My expectation is that the wheels I build will remain true and round and will not break spokes during normal use. That is what you should expect and it is what I guarantee.

Contact me me via phone or email for more information on handbuilt wheels.

I also service and repair most wheels that come as "original equipment" on bicycles , as well as aftermarket wheels. In most cases, I can not only make then true and round, I can also take steps to help ensure that they stay that way.

custom hand built wheels